Dear Stakeholder

It is with great pleasure that we invite your company to this year’s Annual Open Day on the 9th November 2024. The Open Day shall run from 11h00 to 18h00. The Open Day shall have an industry update and a focused CPD programme via our Learning Portfolio.

There are around 300 registrations usually and feedback if that participating providers prefer the virtual event. Our programme continues to be FREE to primary healthcare providers(PHP).  

We appreciate your continued support and opportunity to engage with both our organisation and its network of practitioners. It is in these times of healthcare legislative reform and need, where closer bonds, trusted relationships and long- term value adding models stabilise and correct the playing fields towards the much needed primary healthcare investment. 

Virtual Open Day 2024

a. The event shall feature adequate time for your presentations, virtual stands viewing and interaction with PHP in Q & A via virtual chats and your confirmed participation includes both run up and post event interaction with providers including surveys, dedicated stakeholder newsflashes and information sharing in line with the marketing code of conduct.

b. The programme also attempts to broach topics that generally the ‘elephant in the room’, not openly confronted or discussed. Planned topics are included below:

  • Ethical – Regulatory Bodies
    • NHI pilot programmes and role of the GP
    • The provider’s electronic healthcare journey and practice capacity building
    • Undesirable Business Practice and Ethical Guidelines – the impact of corporate purveyors and PHP professional autonomy – HPCSA
    • GP tool – GP upskilling and Compliance – OHSC
  • Clinical Pharmaceutical Stakeholders
    • Diabetes
    • Pathology guidelines at PHP level
    • Mental Health
    • HIV Management
    • Hypertension

c. There shall be a strong emphasis on facilitating direct interaction between PHP and stakeholders via the EMC2 portal leveraging off technology and involving a 3600 feedback mechanism. This is novel and takes the direct interaction to a deeper level than just virtual attendance on the day. It involves a 3-month period in the run up to and follow up engagement processes in the first quarter 2025.

d. We strongly urge your company to participate in the overall learning portfolio and on-going campaigns and programmes which create awareness of your brand.

e. The final agenda with virtual stands, the run up programmes and presentations times shall be sent on confirmation of your participation.


The EMC² projects and practice capacity building offering have been carefully designed to suite your requirements and includes quarterly CME Learning Portfolio hour sessions on Tuesdays and advertising opportunities on a customised single webpage can be made available to you.  Participating in these offerings affords your company a discount for Open Day participation.

Attending stakeholders are encouraged to attend information sessions to plan properly to ensure a good return on your participation and investment.

There is different pricing for those stakeholders, wishing to have their representatives delivering one of the key lectures and/or have a premium virtual stand and these shall be communicated upon the RSVP.

We shall appreciate you registering your interest soonest on the form below in parallel with our network manager engaging directly with you. There are many confirmed topics and suggestions and the link includes a survey and constructive feedback area for your organisation as an important stakeholder in terms of our established governance processes.

Please see costing table emailed.

We look forward to your positive response.

Kind Regards

Dr Sugen Naidoo


Cell: 082 448 7690

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