Dear Practice Manager

Thank you for attending the briefing in this week and for your assistance in helping us shape a much required course curriculum.

We are aiming to provide a certified course so that you and other practice managers can be empowered with passion, purpose, and dedication.

Remember Your Impact Matters as you play a significant role in healthcare. Our role is in motivating you to excel and shape a brighter future for all in healthcare and ultimately in a changing healthcare sector, create a thriving and efficient work environment.

The course shall cover many aspects including effective communication, embracing innovation and technology, adapting to change, fostering a patient-centric approach and above all embrace Your Role as a Healthcare Practice Manager as we see you as the driving force behind positive change in healthcare.

Here’s a detailed questionnaire for healthcare practice managers in South Africa to help design a SETA certified course for non-clinical and non-graduate workers in the field:

Please make an effort to answer this online form no later than 9 June 23

Whilst we shall appreciate your answers to every question; to those you cannot answer, just state ‘unsure’

EMC - Detailed questionnaire for healthcare Practice Managers

Section 1: Personal Information

Section 2: Job Responsibilities and Skills

Section 3: Training Needs Assessment

3.4. How would you prefer to receive training? (Select all that apply)

Section 4: Course Content and Structure

4.1 Which of the following topics do you believe should be included in a SETA certified course for non-clinical healthcare practice managers? Please rank them in order of importance, with 1 being the most important and 5 being the least important.

Section 5: Demographic Information

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